The series was inspired by the aesthetics of fantasy films. In the spotlight there is always a brave girl, that has been facing with attributes of meeting new: black and white magic, unexpected love, important existential questions and many adventures of course. In the final, the heroine defeats the evil forces and returns home, matured and ready to face a harsher "real reality".

The title of the series duplicates the song from the Labyrinth ost, that was sounding in the final of the confrontation; the heroine speaks the right words, the villain is defeated, the magic collapses. Now she can return back home.



ph: Natasha Yankelevich 

style: Elena Tash & Ann Isma
muah: Natalia Czernuski 

md: Sasha Sergeeva from Genom Management 

clothes: Tali Rutman 

rt: Sergey Shmakov