The Crimean coast is not only wine, jazz festivals and cozy gatherings around the fire, but also the dream of any location manager. There is everything: Martian landscapes, mountain ranges, secluded seashores and salty pink lakes. Our shooting took place in one of them.

Lake Sasyk Sivash today is the largest salt lake on the peninsula of Crimea, located between Evpatoria and Saki. It was discovered very recently by stylists and photographers, thats because there are 2 working quarries on the lake's territory and the place is forbidden to enter. My team were one of the first pioneers to get acquainted with this place and work with light and natural summer collection of Kraft Store — Sevastopol clothes brand.


Ph: Natasha Yankelevich 
Muah: Vita Vladimirovna 
Model: Polina Kostynyuk 
Clothes: Kraft Store 
Rt: Sergey Shmakov 


Ellements Magazine DECEMBER 2017: vol.3